MAICE Introduction

MAICE was founded in July 2003 in Macau with the mission of “Love China, Love Macau, Support Macau Basic law and “One Country, Two Systems”, Use Macau as a Bridge to the World, to Contact, Unite and Promote Worldwide Chinese Merchants’ International Exchanges and Cooperation in Economy, Science, Technology, Culture, Industry Information, Talent Training and Integrated Marketing”. Since then, MAICE had followed our mission, played a regional role as a bridge to promote the unity of Chinese merchants worldwide, especially the economic & trade exchanges and cooperation in four cross-strait regions, to build economic & trade, science & technology, talents & information exchange platform, develop new business opportunities and mutual benefit. In the meantime, it is also actively involved in various public service activities, strive to keep MAICE activities with the times, encourage worldwide members’ and their companies’ integration into local society, and make contribution to promote local economy and social development.

Currently, MAICE has more than 600 members, distributed in 23 countries and regions on five continents. Most of our members belong to small and medium enterprises, covering different areas and industries.

To enhance the understanding of China Mainland and promote economic trade and investment for MAICE members, since it was founded,  MAICE has organized trips to visits other places in China and abroad every year, including Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hunan, Fujian, Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  It also provided the appropriate platform for the construction investment in China Mainland and the international development of China domestic enterprises. In addition, MAICE  has established substantial cooperation relations with friendly organizations in other countries and regions, including Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hunan, Fujian, Guangdong and Guangxi. For example, establishing the friendly alliance through official contract, the joint development of an Guangxi’s eco-tourism resort.

MAICE is also an strong and frequent dedicator to charity activities.  For example, since 1999 MAICE has made several donations to support schools and build roads  in poverty areas of Fujian Province; in 2005 MAICE organized trip to Jianxi Province  and provided student sponsorship to local poor children; in 2006 MAICE took the lead on making donation to Hunan Chenzhou Great Flood relief funds; since 2006 MAICE President Si Cheng Peng has been appointed as the CPPCC member of Fangchenggang and very active in charity contribution; in 2008 MAICE initiated members to make donations for Wenchuan earthquake relief; April 2011 MAICE organized trips to Guangxi Fangchenggang and sponsored local poor students; in 2012 MAICE made multiple donations to poor villages in Fangchenggang City.

MAICE encourage members to actively participate in politics through various means, brainstorming for the construction and development of the motherland. Currently, there have been many members to participate in the work of Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) at various levels or into the Association of Industry and Commerce at various levels, HaiLian Assocation, Overseas Association and Youth Assocation. In the future, MAICE will actively promote members in various forms to participate in all kinds of patriotic organization, at the same time in various forms of propaganda “Macao Basic Law”, introducing the “One Country, Two Systems”, for pushing forward the peace across the Taiwan Straits and national unity.

Last ten years, with friendly love and support from the Central Government Liaison office in Macau, Macau SAR government, all walks of life in Macau and the joint efforts of all members, MAICE has been actively played a positive role as a chamber platform in Macau to promote the development of the Chinese business in China domestic and oversea and facilitate the exchanges and cooperation between the oversea Chinese and the motherland. At the same time MAICE has been made due efforts for Macau’s social stability and economic sustainable development, and the harmonious development of the mainland. In the future, MAICE will continue to make contribution to the realization of “Chinese Dream”.